Impact Malaysia

The 3 Strategies

Strategy 1: Enable

Spur youth development by empowering them as movers of social impact in Malaysia, using the below multi-stakeholder model:

Strategy 2: Advocate

  • Understand the landscape of the third sector ecosystem in Malaysia in the context of impact assessment and reporting.
  • Obtain consensus on common indicators of impact measurement amongst third sector players.
  • Identify, adapt and adopt a publicly available toolkit that is localised.
  • Develop a group of trained volunteers who can be deployed to assist in assessing and reporting impact.
  • Create a dashboard to navigate Malaysia’s efforts in the third sector by location, players and focus areas.

Strategy 3: Amplify

  • Brand Impact Malaysia as a household name for doing good and social impact.
  • Highlight and amplify social impact projects led by youths.
  • Amplify the communication and documentation of social issues.
  • Increase public understanding on everything social and impact-related.