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Felo Impact (Impact Fellows) are volunteer apprentices who do issue research and consultation work for focus groups of Product I. Felo Impact is important in the impact creation scenery, as they are the forefront of culturalizing impact reporting in Malaysia and is needful for social purpose organizations including NGOs, corporates doing CSR initiatives and the third sector. 

Intake for Felo Impact starts in June 2020.

Who are we looking for?

  1. Senior college/ university students majoring in economics, business studies, statistics, mathematics or any other social studies, looking for long-term internships
  2. Junior executives interested in impact measurements and sustainability work.
  3. Any youth who is interested in data analytics, analysis of social issues and ground research.

Felo Impact will be able to:

  1. Understand, embody and effortlessly explain social impact and impact measurement to anyone.
  2. Apt in Lean Data research methodologies and able to execute data collection and analysis
  3. Able to use Product I to produce an effective, consultative impact report; and feed into a bigger overview in the social impact mapping part of Product I.


  1. A 3-6 months fixed period of volunteering, for Impact Agents to follow through the training and impact measurement processes.
  2. Impact Agents will be presented with a certificate and endorsement/reference letter by Impact Malaysia and the measured organization/individual to prove the portfolio
  3. Will work in a team of three

Selection criteria:

  1. Exceptional ability to do research and evaluate data
  2. Very deep interest in research and social change
  3. Good, practical communications skills

We encourage organizations to adopt Felo Impact for better impact measurement of your organization. What are the benefits of adopting Felo Impact?

  1. Having an apprentice/partner for impact measurement
  2. Acquiring a trained apprentice specializing on monitoring and evaluation
  3. Your organization is able to contribute to youth development by adopting a Felo

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