Impact Development


impact ecosystem

The impact development pillar advocates for strategic social impact creation, from ideation to impact measurement.

This is done through capacity building activities, creation of strategic impact tools and consultancy.

What We Offer

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Capacity Building

Workshops and long-term learning for NGOs, changemakers, corporations, enterprises and institutions to understand social impact, theoretical and practical.



A mapping of social impact projects throughout Malaysia, and a tool to ease social impact measurement and reporting for social and development projects.

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Impact Measurement

Research and recommendations for best practices in impact measurement and reporting.


Impact Network

A multi-stakeholder network to analyze social impact gaps, share best practices and discuss the way forward towards the development of social impact practices in Malaysia. Activities include periodical focus group discussions and a panel of experts on impact measurement metrics and SDG.


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rizal rozhan

Assistant Vice President,

Rizal is a proud Sabahan lad from Penampang who has big dreams of culturalizing impact in Malaysia. He's our Impact Development head who focuses on Akademi Impact, Product-I and anything impact management. In his free time, you can find him jungle trekking in random forests, kayaking on the seas... or at least, he wishes to be.

Hilmi Qusyairi

Capacity Building

Hilmi Qusyairi Hamidi was a graduate in Human Resource Management from UiTM Shah Alam. He was the president for Enactus (a global youth organization dedicated to developing youth as the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators), for all UiTM branches throughout Malaysia. In his free time, he loves shopping, watching movies and playing games, and idling away near the beach, listening to the waves.