Impact Measurement

Why Impact Measurement?

Our impact culturalization experience discovered a reality that most organizations in Malaysia either don’t report their impact or misrepresented their impact.


Common misconception of impact

Common misconception of impact includes enlisting the organization’s output as their impact. It creates a gross misrepresentation on the real impact beneficiaries actually get out of a social purpose organization’s intervention. In the long term, organizations will be spending a lot of resources to create similar outputs to the same beneficiaries because it did not translate into real impact.

We want to help change this!

Here, we share resources on the best practices regarding impact measurement. This includes guides for organizations on how to identify their impact, how to measure it and so much more!


Resources on best practices


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Impact Measurement

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Impact Network

A network for social impact practitioners.

A roundtable series of individuals and organizations looking to advance social impact in Malaysia. Impact Network meets up every quarter, and contributes to Impact Malaysia's pool of experts.

Who are the people in Impact Network?

What are the objectives of Impact Network?

  • Gain consensus on the impact reporting mechanism i.e methodology, indicators, baselines etc
  • Contribute to data collection to improve/ update baselines
  • Contribute to the user pool for Product I
  • Help in developing youth by contributing expert knowledge to Akademi Impact Malaysia and Projek Impact

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