Impact youth


for youth changemakers

Impact Youth is a collective of young people who are active in local communities and want to impact society, through business, career and leadership.

Impact youth

Impact Youth membership is open to all Malaysian youth

aged 15 - 35 years old

youths who register to be a part of Impact youth

will be divided into three (3) focus areas:

Impact youth

Every focus area will be activated with events and volunteering activities every month

It is to give opportunities, platform and capacity building for young people. Activities within the focus areas include a volunteering program, social impact funds, courses and training, sharing sessions, platforms to highlight youth talents and voices, mentoring and others.

Impact youth

Volunteers for Pandemic Response

In response to COVID-19 pandemic, MCO and the need to expedite vaccination efforts throughout the country, Impact Malaysia activates a group of volunteers to run a Help Desk for persons with disabilities (OKU), Orang Asli, Orang Asal, rural communities, B40 and the elderly. Impact Youth helps people in need to register for vaccination with JKJAV, coordinate cash aid for transportation to vaccination centers (PPV) under the #ImpactTolongHantar scheme, and coordinate basic groceries aid ("Kotak Rezeki") for the needy. Interested to be a part of Impact Youth? Register now!

Impact youth

Dana Impact

Every six (6) months, youths will be given a chance to pitch and obtain social project grants up to a total of RM5,000 each to run a social project in their own communities. It is compulsory for Dana Impact recipients to attend Akademi Impact Malaysia, which is an intensive class in the form of a ‘bootcamp’, for a minimum of seven (7) days, which will build youth capacities to run social projects, sustainably and systematically.

Impact youth

Impact Youth is Impact Malaysia’s volunteering wing

This is a platform for you to develop yourself, brush up your leadership, get new friends and have fun! We are searching for youths interested to be volunteers for our social impact project. Impact Youth members will receive up to date information on upcoming and current social impact projects & training through Akademi Impact or Takeover.


Are you interested to be a youth leader?

We are searching for youth leaders and future changemakers to lead Impact Youth branches throughout the nation.

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