What We Do


to spearhead social impact

Impact Malaysia works with youths, within a multi-stakeholder model. The model includes NGOs, social enterprises, individual changemakers, corporations, enterprises, government agencies, academia and think tanks.


The Change We Make

We want youths to lead the culturalization of social impact in Malaysia


Youths and the mass to understand the principles of impact in thought processes

  • Capacity building for youths towards understanding impact’ and create impactful social innovation.
  • Public advocacy towards the understanding of social issues, impact and youth perspectives.

Youth lead the socialization of social impact

  • Incubation of a network of youth collectives to create positive impact in local communities.
  • Digital and social contents on real and relatable issues to youth and society, using the impact lens.
  • Youth-centric events to socialize issues and social impact.

Impact is the centre of reporting

  • Youths as consultants to assist organisations on impact measurement and reporting.
  • Creation of a mechanism for easier and consistent impact reporting.
  • Development of an impact reporting framework and localized impact indicators, in consultation with subject matter experts.
  • Strategic relationships with public data repositories.
  • Advocating for demonstrated commitment by stakeholders, towards the use of impact measurement models and impact reporting.

Impact is funded or prioritized in social and development project funding, with priority to youth-led projects

  • Creating an exemplary impact-centric fund management system.
  • Priority for youths to lead projects funded by impact funds.
  • Advocate for the advancement of venture philanthropy and impact investment.

Impact is included in policies

  • Advocating for organizations to support impact agenda in their practices.

our three strategies

Strategy 01


Drive youth development by empowering them as social impact movers in Malaysia, using the multi-stakeholder approach below:

Strategy 02


  • Understanding the third sector landscape in Malaysia from the context of impact measurements and reporting.
  • Get a consensus on impact measurement indicators from third sector players.
  • Identify, align and utilize a public toolkit, which is localized.
  • Develop a group of panel experts and trained volunteers who can help in refining impact indicators and assist in impact measurements.
  • Creating a dashboard to show Malaysia’s efforts in the third sector, according to locations, focus areas and organizations.

Strategy 03


  • To brand Impact Malaysia as an organization for social change and social impact.
  • Highlight and strengthen youth-driven social impact projects.
  • Strengthen communications and documentation on social issues.
  • Increase public understanding on everything social and impact.

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